Within These Walls (2008)

Within These Walls (2008)

Within These Walls was created to be experienced at a specific location, on headphones, with an mp3-player. It engages with the perimeter of the Princeton University Art Museum, exploring the liminal space between the art gallery and the world outside. Within These Walls is intended as a meditation on the boundaries of spaces in which artists present their work.

The suggested instructions for the piece are as follows :

Press play, and approach the entrance of the Princeton University Art Museum, keeping the large bronze sculpture on your immediate left. Once you reach the entrance, turn left.  Passing behind the sculpture, circumambulate the building, always keeping the walls of the museum to your immediate right.  Return to where you started.

Within These Walls was created in 2008 for Sonic Fragments


All of the site-specific works from the Sonic Fragments festival can be downloaded at:


Archival video documentation of the walk is available upon request; contact me at the link below.


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